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Why EcoGo?

We provide user-friendly, dynamic listings of eco-friendly stores and products to make sustainable shopping an easier experience for all.

Our Mission

At EcoGo, we believe that anyone can be environmentally conscious. Our mission is to help the world pursue a greener lifestyle in hopes of making the world a better place for us and future generations to come.

Our Story

Every choice we make impacts our planet.

Whether our impact is positive or negative is entirely up to us. As of now, our impact is primarily negative, with 60-80% of the impact on the planet coming from household consumption. In fact, we are using 50% more resources than the Earth can sustainably produce. One thing is clear: We must change our current lifestyles.

But we understand. Shopping sustainably is not easy. That’s why we started Ecogo to make eco-conscious decisions more accessible. Although we are five high school students, we believe that change can be created by anyone at any age.

Everytime we make a choice, we can choose to support companies that care about our planet. Together, we can join hands to protect our ecosystem and ensure a better future for everyone.